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Thank you to those people who responded to the previous newsletter. Thank you also for suggesting issues, which need to be addressed.

Bowls Victoria 2019-20 Region & Division Pennant Competitions Conditions of Play

Bowls Victoria has published different Pennant Conditions of Play for Region & Division and Metro. There are some significant differences between the two publications. GBR clubs should only refer to the Bowls Victoria 2019-20 Region & Division Pennant Competitions Conditions of Play and not the version for Metro. GBR clubs should also refer to GBR Rules for Competition 2019-20.

Section 1.3 – Possession of the Rink p28-9

A player or team retains possession of the rink from when the previous bowl comes to rest until his or her own bowl comes to rest.

At the change of ends the Skip in possession of the rink should not have to wait while the opponents have a discussion on the rink. The opponents should take their positions in a timely manner.

The third that has the last bowl before the change of ends has possession of the rink until the bowl comes to rest whether they stay on the mat or move down the rink. The view of the bowl in motion should not be impeded.

Section 1.4 – Touchers p30-1

A bowl on its original course, which touches the jack even if, it has touched other bowls is a toucher.  A bowl that touches the jack by being moved by another bowl is not a toucher.

A toucher must be marked or nominated before the next bowl comes to rest otherwise it ceases to be a toucher.

The latest column by The Lawman: ‘Changes to Laws, Cops, Rumours and Facts’ is recommended reading.

State and District Events

If a club has difficulty finding an accredited umpire for a state event please contact the chairperson of the GBR Umpire Committee. Umpires have lives apart from bowls, or some even like to play in events, so even though a club might have a number of umpires they can, on occasions, have difficulty finding an available umpire.

To assist with State Events and Pennant Finals the committee is preparing a list of umpires who would be happy to be contacted to see if they are available for a particular event or final. To join the list please contact the chairperson.


Margaret Reing

Chair GBR Umpire Committee